Parent Referals

Dear Parents,
Since Starting my daughter at Wee Scholars Early Learning Center I have nothing but positive things to say about Miss Vanessa and her wonderful daycare. My daughter started just after she had turned a year old and I was very apprehensive to be leaving her, fearing she would miss me and not get the special attention I gave her at home. I was pleasantly surprised after the first week when my daughter was excited to be leaving me to go enjoy the day with her friends and Miss Nessa (As my daughter would say). Miss Vanessa does a great job getting all the kids involved with activities, making crafts and learning while at play. I especially like the structure that is implemented every day at Wee Scholars.  I know when my daughter will be having naps, eating throughout the day and getting that much needed outside play time. When my daughter started to potty train Miss Vanessa was a huge help, she was encouraging and supportive with the methods I chose and very patient when it wasn’t going as planned. I am about to have my second baby and will be keeping my daughter in daycare due to the fact that she loves going! I highly recommend Wee Scholars and Miss Vanessa as she is a great mother, teacher and playmate. .

~Breanna Lindsay



Wee Scholars is a well-structured early learning center helpful in preparing your child(ren) for the kindergarten setting. The facility is clean and organized, with a delightful selection of toys and learning activities, that change frequently. 

Miss. Vanessa is knowledgeable and creative. Her monthly calendar of events is a great tool to not only stay organized, but to stay informed of what the little ones are learning about, and allows us as parents to instill some enthusiasm in our child before their attendance that day. Vanessa's qualifications allow her to be accomodating to every childs' particular needs, including knowing sign language.
So, if you would like to see your child be as prepared as possible for kindergarten, and bask in watching him or her flourish in learning the alphabet, numbers, weather, sign language and making great friends in the process, I strongly urge you to enroll your little one in Wee Scholars Early Learning Center. You won't regret it! 
~Wendy Herremans

We chose Wee Scholars for our special needs daughter after having a friendship with Miss Vanessa and her family for many years. The care and attention she gives all the children is above and beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. Wee Scholars is a small home environment that is extremely clean and well structured. The pre-school component is wonderful and the children are learning so much more than at a regular in-home daycare. We are extremely blessed to have been able to have our child be a part of such a great program with a great family.

~Brenda Buchholz 

Miss Vanessa provided exceptional in-home care for my young daughter from the age of three and a half years to five years of age. She always welcomed my daughter and the children with open arms, and my daughter always left Wee Scholars with a smiling faces. Each day of care, Miss Vanessa provided an assortment of great learning activities that my daughter was excited to tell me about at the end of each day. You are very much appreciated Miss Vanessa for the quality care and love you provided for our family.

Wee Scholars Early Learning is a fantastic daycare centre with dedicated, caring, and enthusiastic staff. Miss Vanessa and her team provide a rich learning environment for babes to toddlers and preschoolers with many hands on activities while integrating American Sign Language into their daily routine. My daughter began her first days at Wee Scholars at the age of 16 months and connected well with other children and care providers. After nearly a week of transitioning, she was eager to play with her "friends", discover the new toys and crafts awaiting her and happily waved and kissed me good bye each morning. Miss Vanessa respects the needs and emotions of each child, preparing the children for independent activities such as eating, washing hands, using the potty, and readying oneself for great adventures outside. Miss Vanessa is highly organized, knowledgeable and provides a great structure and routine for the young minds at work in her facility! While incorporating "circle time" alongside free play, the children are learning the value and importance of connecting with others while respecting their differences. Wee Scholars is also cloth diaper friendly! For me, the most valuable aspect of Wee Scholars, is the way in which Miss Vanessa communicates with the children. With patience, a calm manner, and humour, Miss Vanessa connects with each child and encourages greatness from all. I highly recommend Wee Scholars Early Learning for your precious wee ones.

~ The Anjos Family


 Miss Vanessa~ Thank you for all your loving kindness over the last few years. With your guidance and support "P" has blossomed from a shy little boy to a confident young boy...and his sense of humor has flourished! You have an amazing gift with these kids, and we will miss your smile and energy every day.

~Love the Thesen family


 Dear Miss Vanessa & Wee Scholars~

We are so grateful to have found you for our kids!...The kindest hearts expect no reward and deserve it all the more. You and your staff give so much of yourself in the kindness and patience you show and the lives you touch. That's why you deserve a heartfelt "thank you" and a wish that all the goodness you share comes back to you! Love the Richmonds


Dear Miss Vanessa,

It has been such a wonderful experience being at your center.  We were so blessed to have you care for our boys, and especially C. He will always remember the fun and love you shared.

Love The Mucha Family


Thank you Miss Nessa!

You made such a difference, and it is so deeply appreciated. Thank you for keeping the girls alive over the years.  We appreciate all the love and patience you’ve shown us!

Love always,

The Baergs