Wee Scholars Philosophy

At Wee Scholars we believe that children develop to their fullest potential through daily activities that are play-based, of interest, and related to all areas of development; social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative. Children remain involved and productive throughout their day with activities that provide a balance between structured and non- structured learning opportunities. We encourage children to explore each activity at length in their own unique way to gain competence and confidence in their world. All experiences at Wee Scholars are viewed as valuable opportunities to enhance development of the "whole child"


Our primary focus at Wee Scholars is for each child to feel safe and secure in their environment.  For this to occur, children in care are given clear and reasonable limits that promote positive social interactions with all children and staff. Techniques such as role modeling, positive reinforcement, and providing choices are used by staff to encourage relationships that are based on love and respect.


At Wee Scholars, we strive to provide the highest quality of childcare services possible. This could not occur without a strong partnership between the center and the child's home. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit the program at any time through our open door policy or a phone call to be updated on their child's day. This builds an open and trusting relationship between families and caregivers, which makes for a more positive childcare experience for all!